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So, after the input you guys gave me on last journal, this will be the club policy about season 4 spoilers: all spoiler-ish submissions will be accepted from 1st January. If you wish to avoid them, you can turn off temporarily the club deviations. You just have to enter , look for the club, and unwatch its deviations :)

Any doubts or comments, please let me know :)
Fourth Sherlock season is almost here! :D

As for deviations inspired on next season and potential spoilers, there're two options: the club can accept any deviation submitted, spoiler-ish or not, and each member will take care themselves of avoiding them if they haven't seen the episodes yet (deactivating the "deviations" option on their "watching" page, for example); or we can wait until a given date (1st of February, for instance), to allow spoiler-ish deviations to be submitted. It's up to you, guys :) Just tell me on the comments what option do you prefer :)

I also wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :holly: :)
Hi all! I've noticed in the past couple of days or so that some deviations where submitted on the wrong folder. Before submitting them, please make sure that you're sending them to the correct folder.  The club receives quite a number of submissions and it's quite a hassle moving them from one folder to the other, so I won't accept any wrong submitted deviation. Hope you understand :) If you have any doubt, feel free to send a PM asking :)
As I said on my previous journal, I've been making some changes on the folders. Right now, the active folders are:

:bulletgreen: Sherlock and John
:bulletgreen: Other characters
:bulletgreen: Crossovers
:bulletgreen: Crafts
:bulletgreen: Fanfiction
:bulletgreen: Cosplay
:bulletgreen: Fancharacters

I'm on the process of moving deviations from the non-active folders to the active ones, but it might take a while since there're so many ;) Also, if you find that some of your previous submitted pictures don't appear in any folder, feel free to resubmit them again, I could have deleted them unintentionally.

Edit: I've added some new folders, namely Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper, Irene Adler and Jim Moriarty, and changed the Other characters folder name to Groups and other characters. Also, from now on you'll get a "pending of approval" thingie. This is just to make sure that each deviation gets to its correct folder.
Happy submitting! :)
Hi there, this is sandalwood01 speaking, new admin :) I'll be taking care of the group from now on, so any question feel free to ask me :)

I'm going to take a look at things and may do a rearranging of folders and such, so my apologies if they appear a bit odd for the moment ^^; I'll write a new journal as soon as I get it sorted out :)

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